Squad Athletes

Performance Squad

Preparing athletes to deliver relay and individual medals in the next one to three World Championships.

Development Squad

Developing athletes to deliver relay and individual medals in the next two to five World Championships.

The purpose of the programme, for this squad, is to support the continued development of athletes towards becoming performance athletes.

Watch Squad

Athletes who are transitioning from junior to senior international representation and have competed well against athletes in the performance and development squads in the last year.

Athletes in this squad will be developing a foundation of sport-specific skills and fitness.

Talent Squad

Developing athletes towards top 20 places at Junior World Championships in the next one to five years and onwards to senior potential.

Performance Squad
Men Women
Graham Gristwood
Hector Haines
Kristian Jones
Ralph Street
Alasdair McLeod
Hollie Orr
Jessica Tullie
Catherine Taylor
Development Squad
Men Women
Alan Cherry
William Gardner
Jonathan Crickmore
Peter Hodkinson
Aidan Smith
Christopher Smithard
Jo Shepherd
Alice Leake
Megan Carter-Davies
Charlotte Ward
Charlotte Watson
Talent Squad
Men Women
Alex Carcas
Jake Chapman
Alexander Chepelin
Harrison McCartney
Aidan Rigby
Daniel Stansfield
Alastair Thomas
Fiona Bunn
Lucy Haines
Laura King
Grace Molloy
Jennifer Ricketts
Alice Rigby
Watch Squad
Men Women
Peter Bray
Matthew Elkington
Jamie Parkinson
Adam Potter
Mark Purkis
Oliver Williams
Christopher Galloway
Dane Blomquist
William Rigg
Joe Woodley
Kirstin Maxwell
Rhona McMillan
Katie Reynolds
Lucy Butt
Julie Emmerson
Sarah Jones