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World Orienteering Day 2021

Welcome to World Orienteering Week: 19 - 25 May 2021

For teachers and youth leaders there are a wide range of FREE resources available to download.   

We look forward to World Orienteering Week celebrating our return to Orienteering activity (where restrictions allow) and the aim is still to see thousands of orienteering events taking place across the world!   

Orienteering is a sport that keeps you fit, challenges the mind, and is lots of fun!

Two opportunities this year ! Any orienteering activity held between the dates of 19 May to 25 May 2021 and 8  September and 14 September 2021, any orienteering activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.   

Join in by organising a simple orienteering activity for your school or youth group.   Your group can participate in World Orienteering Week in three easy steps:

STEP 1:  

Pre-register your school name and activity in the World Orienteering Day global database:  worldorienteeringday.com


STEP 2: 

Download one or both British Orienteering's FREE World Orienteering Day Resource Packs.

STEP 3: 

Carry out the exercise during school lesson time or when your youth group meets.  

For more information about this year's World Orienteering Day and to download more free resources, visit:  worldorienteeringday.com

Have fun with orienteering! 

Don't forget to register your event on the world map here

Thank you for your support.