British Schools Orienteering Association (BSOA)

The British Schools Orienteering Association (BSOA) exists to promote, inform, advise and support the development of all forms of Schools Orienteering. 

This includes schools' site and park activities; navigational challenges in the countryside, and orienteering competition models. 

Navigational skills are developed through map and compass exercises. Contact with schools is normally through PDMS, School Sport Coordinator, and individual teachers.

British Schools Orienteering Association provides discounted orienteering equipment offers for schools and colleges, a network of regional contacts for advice in starting and developing orienteering within a school as well as advice and information on training courses. British Schools Orienteering Association has increasingly developed links with the national governing body of the sport, British Orienteering, and became an Association of that organisation in 2003. It is also represented on the National Council of School Sports and through this the International School Sport Federation. The British Schools Orienteering Association sends around 40 young athletes to the World Schools Orienteering Championships which are held every two years.

British Schools Orienteering Association currently has 300 schools and colleges who are members. It plays a proactive role in supporting and monitoring the progress of both the British Schools Score and British Schools Championships as well as promoting school leagues and other inter-school competitions. Orienteering is an important vehicle for delivering the Outdoor Adventurous Activity (OAA) within the English National PE Curriculum as well as providing the opportunity for cross-curricular links with Maths, Geography, and Citizenship Studies. Likewise, it offers an exciting multi-dimensional extracurricular activity.

The British Schools Orienteering Association is continually looking at new ideas and developments to make the sport more attractive to schools and their pupils. You can find out more about the British Schools Orienteering Association and the services they offer on their website here.

Together with the British Schools Orienteering Association, British Orienteering aims to support and grow Orienteering within the education sector and provide training, resources, and opportunities to compete at Orienteering events. Register your school.

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