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Development Conferences

Our Development Conferences contain webinars and workshops around the key Strategic Plan themes of: Changing perceptions, Creating Engaging Experiences, Strengthening Lifelong Pathways, and Providing Foundations for Success.

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This year's Development Conference has now concluded, and we were delighted to welcome guest speakers, esteemed members within our community, and all other attendees to the sessions.

If you missed out, you can still catch up on all the content that was shared throughout this year's event below, or check out our video playlist via YouTube

Development Conference 2024 Sessions

Week 1

Making Orienteering Work for Schools 

Monday 8 January

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Find out through the lived experience of how schools have changed and why schools choose Orienteering, how Orienteering can support the Ofsted inspection framework and how clubs can best embrace a Primary and Secondary school.

Students from Springwell School

Developing Stakeholder Relationships 

Thursday 11 January

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This session will be led by Caroline Barcham (FYW Project Officer) and Andrew Evans (DFOK) with input from Connor Smith (FYW Yorkshire).

Find out more about how the Find Your Way project has developed over the past two years and what has been learned about the development of relationships with landowners, community groups and others that is bringing wider benefits than initially envisaged to clubs involved in the project. This session is expected to be of value to all clubs, be it Find Your Way participants or others

Find Your Way

Week 2

Promote your club 

Monday 15 January

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This session will be delivered by Alex Welch from British Orienteering. It’s an opportunity for clubs to learn more on:

  • How to promote your events and highlight your achievements via social media.
  • Writing great news articles or blogs that will engage both members and prospective members.
  • Creating a bank of marketing materials that can help increase reach and grow your membership.
  • Ways to track your social media statistics and used paid Ads to increase awareness and reach.
West Cumerland Orienteering Club
Credit: Wendy Carlyle

How to Engage Newcomers - and get them hooked! 

Tuesday 16 January

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This session, delivered by Hilary Palmer will take you through the successful delivery of NOC ‘s MapActive courses for newcomers and discuss how your club could adapt it to suit your needs.

Female orienteers

OCAD – What’s new for you? 

Thursday 18 January

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OCAD Inc. Operates in the business field of software development for the production of maps. It sells its software application OCAD in various editions worldwide, adapting customer requests and offers technical support, training and consulting.

This webinar will provide an update into mapping, and the technology we use to produce the maps that make our sport tick. Part of what makes OCAD’s approach to mapping work is the feedback, technical support and consulting with all users, and opportunities like this webinar are a key part of the work we can all do to support orienteering in every aspect.

OCAD is an independent corporation owned by individuals and founded in 2005 after the sudden death of the founder of OCAD, Hans Steinegger. There are 6 employees working at OCAD Inc. located in Baar, Switzerland. The webinar will be presented by the Team at OCAD.

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Credit: OCAD

The Facts about our Impact on Nature 

Friday 19 January

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Environmental protection is frequently featuring in access negotiations. We regularly hear this from members and in response we commissioned an Ecological Assessment. Miranda Cowan completed the assessment around the middle distance event of the JK in April 2023. We now have the findings and Miranda will be sharing these with us.

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Credit: Neil Harrison

Week 3


Monday 22 January

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This is an opportunity for clubs to look at this area of their governance to ensure there is a sure foundation for the club to be a safe place for its members.

Liza Ware from the CPSU will be talking about our orienteering events and safeguarding considers to support making them as safe as possible. There will also be updates provided by Peter Brooke, Lead Safeguarding Officer.  

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Credit: Will Heap

Is a paid Development Officer appropriate for your club? 

Tuesday 23rd January

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Session presenters are Roger Scrutton (ESOC and Trustee of The Orienteering Foundation) and Kerina Lake (CDO at SBOC)

The first Club Development Officer (CDO) part funded by The Orienteering Foundation was over three years ago.. This session shares the most up to date information about the opportunity, the potential benefits, the costs and the challenges experienced. It will also cover how grant funding can be made available to clubs. The aim is to help clubs to answer the questions “Can a CDO increase the number of club members and hence the number of volunteers we have?’ and "Could it be a good use of some of our club funds?".

Orienteering Foundation
Credit: Orienteering Foundation

Creating a thriving club for young people

Thursday 25 January

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Find out what it takes to develop a Thriving club for Young People, with a clear purpose and vision for the future, underpinned by an equitable support structure that enables it young members to grow their passion for Orienteering and unlock their potential. 

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Credit: Rob Lines

Week 4

Embrace your Community 

Postponed to 2024 Webinar Series

A brief introduction to equality, diversity and inclusion and how we, in orienteering, can ensure everyone feels welcome and supported. It will include some information on our accessible courses as well as how we can better attract and support a more diverse community.

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Coaching - What it Takes to Perform 

Tuesday 30 January

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The aim of this session is to provide an understanding of what it takes to build a well-rounded athlete. British Orienteering's Tom Bray will discuss:

  • How to identify and deliver the key steps and building blocks to unlock potential.
  • What it takes to run fast and navigate accurately to produce consistent performances to be proud of.
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Credit: Rob Lines

The British Orienteering Insurance Policy  

Postponed to 2024 Webinar Series

This session will be provide an overview of the insurance cover in place and answer questions from club members to support their understanding of what is covered.

The session will be delivered by Amanda Wynne-Jones DipCII AMInstLM, Associate Director, Sport and Entertainment at Howden Insurance Brokers Limited who provide the British Orienteering Insurance cover.

This session is appropriate for any British Orienteering Club official, mapper or member who is interested in the personal and club insurance cover provided.

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Previous Conferences

Development Conference 2022Session Overview

Engaging and retaining young people

Presenter: Fran Loots,

Scottish Orienteering Association

Monday 10 January

The workshop will explore the various pathways that can be used to engage and retain juniors and young people including:

Non-performance-based approaches such as club coaching, STAR awards, area teams, juniors planning and organising workshops and opportunities, Young Leaders Award.

Attendee discussion ideas can be found in the files attached:

Session Recording