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Trail Orienteering and Accessible Orienteering

Orienteering is a sport that is accessible for all. Learn more about Trail Orienteering and Accessible Orienteering here. 

Trail Orienteering

What is Trail-O?

TrailO provides an orienteering competition for people of all levels of physical ability, including those who are physically challenged and may be confined to wheelchairs.

There are two types of TrailO 
  • PreO: the competition is not timed, except for a couple of timed controls at the beginning or end of the course, and the competitor with the highest number of correct answers wins (with timed-control times as the tie-breaker). There is an overall time limit for completing the course.
  • TempO: the ‘sprint’ version of TrailO. At successive control stations, the time taken to give several answers, using small sections of the map with control circles in different places, is recorded. The competitor with the fastest time (after adding penalty times for wrong answers) wins.
Dave Gittus

This is Trail Orienteering

Watch this short video about Trail Orienteering to learn more about the nature of the sport and how you can take part in this form of orienteering. 

Trail O

TrailO website

For the latest developments in the world of Trail Orienteering, including events and much more, please visit the website. 

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Meet the Great Britain TrailO Team

Discover who is currently representing the Great Britain TrailO Team. 

Meet the team

John Kewley

The Road to ETOC 2024: an interview with some of the TrailO Team Members

Read our blog and learn more about how the team became involved in Trail Orienteering. 

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