Start your own University Club

Are you thinking of starting up your own Orienteering club at your university? Check out the resources available to you!

Starting an Orienteering university club is a great opportunity to learn new skills, boost your employability and orienteer the way you want to orienteer! There are plenty of challenges and delights with creating your own club and British Orienteering has provided materials to help you.


Founder of the Exeter University orienteering club, Georgia Jones, has written a how-to document to help you with the first steps of setting up a club. The document details everything from how to gain traction to logistics and resources available to you. It also contains examples of committee role descriptions, risk assessments, club constitution, a successful university affiliation form and successful grant application to the Orienteering Foundation. 

How To Start Your Own Club


Universities affiliate their orienteering clubs with British Orienteering so that their runners can run for the university at regional and national events. Other benefits include eligibility to win awards and being able to run your own events under British Orienteering insurance. 

Similarly, you will only be able to enter competitors at upcoming pre-entry events if they are registered members of British Orienteering. This is because you will need to enter them using their membership number which is linked to their membership club on the British Orienteering database. Furthermore, as a BOF member, you have exclusive access to a range of discounts, from Cotswold Outdoors, SportShoes, Runners Need and Youth Hostel Association. Check out the full list here

Other Resources

Mapping resources                                                              Marketing materials

Coaching materials                                                              Creating your own event