Volunteer Awards

Club, Coach and Volunteer Awards

Each year British Orienteering presents a number of awards to recognise the incredible effort and impact delivered by clubs, coaches and volunteers across orienteering.

All volunteer awards are presented at AGMs, all nominations for the awards below should be made by Sunday 7th March 2021 to be presented at the 2021 AGM. Nomination forms are below for each category. For details on the awards for mapping click here

 Club of the Year Award

Is your club an important part of the local community?

  • Providing opportunities for everyone to experience high-quality activities at all levels of your sport or recreation?
  • Demonstrating a commitment to the development of participants as well as coaches and volunteers?
  • Taking an innovative approach to the promotion of the club?

If the answer is “Yes” why not enter the British Orienteering Club of the Year Award.

2019 Forth Valley Orienteering
2018 South Yorkshire Orienteers 
2017 Bristol Orienteering Klub
2016 Solway Orienteering Club
2015 Thames Valley Orienteering Club
2014 South Yorkshire Orienteers
2013 Not Awarded
2012 South London Orienteers
2011 Mar Orienteering Club
2010 Leicestershire Orienteering Club
2009 Grampian Orienteers 
2008 West Cumberland Orienteering Club
2007 South Ribble Orienteering Club
2006 Octavian Droobers

University Club of the Year Award

This award recognises the efforts of University Clubs in the development of participants as well as coaches and volunteers. The award is also to show appreciation for the University introducing and providing a gateway to the sport to their students. 

2019 Edinburgh University Orienteering Club
2018 Loughborough University Orienteering Club
2017 Edinburgh University Orienteering Club
2016 Cambridge University Orienteering Club
2015 No nominations received
2014 Edinburgh University Orienteering Club
2013 University of Bristol Orienteering Club
2012 Cambridge UniversityOrienteering Club
2011 Sheffield University Orienteering Club
2010 Edinburgh University Orienteering Club
2009 Oxford University Orienteering Club
2008 University of Durham Orienteering Club

Young Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is for a volunteer, under the age of 25, who has demonstrated a commitment to supporting delivery of orienteering activity with passion, energy and enthusiasm. 

2019 Ingebjorg Holmedal
2018 Holly Stodgell (WCH) 
2017 Matthew Fellbaum (EUOC)
2016 Dom Dakin (SYO)
2015 Adam Conway (GO)
2014 Katherine Bett (SN)
2012 Adam Potter (BOK)
2009 Stephen Haley (INT) & Stuart Hooton (EBOR)

Coach of the Year Award

Coach of the Year award is looking for coaches who demonstrate success in one or more of the following areas:

  • engaging new people in orienteering
  • improving the performance of orienteers
  • mentoring and developing other coaches
2019 Paul Murgatroyd
2018 Jason Falconer 
2017 Gillian Rowan-Wilde
2016 Liz Yeadon


Liz Campbell

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is for a volunteer who has demonstrated a commitment to supporting delivery of orienteering activity with passion, energy and enthusiasm. 

2019 David Nicol
2018 Alan Honey (Bristol Orienteering Klub) 

Silva Award

In 1983 SILVA (Sweden) AB decided to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first Silva compass by establishing an annual award within each IOF member Federation. The awards were to enable Federations to honour those who have contributed in a special way to the development of orienteering. With the assistance of SILVA (UK) Ltd this was interpreted, within the UK, as being a person or persons who have made a very significant contribution to orienteering over a period of years, with an emphasis on ‘field' activities rather than committee work.  Indeed, nominees may not be active or retiring members of the British Orienteering Board, nor part- or full-time employees of the Federation.

All members can nominate someone they believe has made a significant contribution to orienteering through ‘field’ activities.

2019 Roger Jackson
2018 John Warren 
2017 Phil Basford 
2016 Anthony McGonigle
2015 Mark Saunders
2014 Katy Stubbs
2013 Carol McNeil
2012 John and Jenny Collyer
2011 Roger Baker
2010 Colin Dickson
2009 Beryl Blackhall


Ian MacMillan


Pat Martin


Brian Parker


Peter Guillaume


Sue Denmark


Frank Rose


Colin Henderson


Mike Hardy


Dick Carmichael


Doug Peel


Terry Dooris


Ann Smith


Keith & Susan Marsden


Ken Broad


Terry O’Brien


Stan & Verena Johnston


Martin Hyman


Marlene Palmer


Vic & Betty Roberts


Marjorie Challis


Roy Parkinson


John Crosby


Gareth Bryan-Jones


Noel Bogle


Laurie Bradley


Dave Gittus