Home Internationals

Home Internationals

This page is hosted by British Orienteering on behalf of the four Home Nations.

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There are Home Internationals for Juniors, Seniors and Veterans. 

Ward Junior Home International (JHI)

2024 JHI Rules

Senior Home International (SHI)

2024 SHI Rules

Veteran Home International (VHI)

2024 VHI Rules

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to represent a country in a Home International (HI) a person must be a current British Orienteering member (or for Ireland team members, alternatively a member of IOA) and be:

  • Eligible by Birth. Be born in that country OR
  • Eligible by Parentage. Have a parent who was born in that country OR
  • Eligible by Residence. Have established permanent residence in that country for at least one year (see Notes 1 and 2).
  • AND, if M/W18 or younger has not represented another home nation in that calendar year; if M/W20 or older, has not represented any other home nation in a home international in the previous two years (see Notes 3 and 4).

These eligibility criteria are embedded in the rules for the WJHI, the SHI and the VHI.



1. Students can achieve eligibility by residence if they can prove a permanent home base in that country.

2. Established eligibility by residency is voided if another home nation is represented but otherwise endures.

3. The last paragraph means two fallow years ie 2 missed years of HIs except for M/W18 and below: no fallow years.

4. Athletes currently competing for a nation other than GBR or Ireland(Eire) are nevertheless eligible provided they meet one of the three listed criteria, AND the fourth criterion.