Competition Requirements

The JK Festival of Orienteering consists of a 4-day Festival of orienteering with multiple competitions. 

There are 5 main elements to the JK:

  • IOF World ranking events (between 1 – 3 over the 4 days)
  • British Orienteering age class individual Championship competitions at Sprint and Middle/Long or Long/Long combined (over 3 days)
  • British Orienteering Mixed-age class 3-person relay championship competition (1 day)
  • Non-championship classes & races
  • TrailO events - PreO and/or TempO on 1 or more of the 4 days. These may also include international TrailO competition.

This section contains the rules and requirements for the various competitions – as well as the IOF World ranking event requirements.


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General Information

There are several different rules that cover the staging of a JK. They are:

  • British Orienteering Rules and Appendices
  • JK Competition Rules
  • IOF Competition Rules (if any of the days are WRE status)
  • TrailO Requirements at Major Events

British Orienteering Rules and Appendices

These rules cover the requirements for Level A events and also the general rules that Officials and Competitors must abide by.

British Orienteering Competition Rules


The JK Competition Rules

These rules give details of what is specifically required for a JK as well as giving details for competitors with regard to eligibility.

  • Rule F - JK Sprint
  • Rule G - JK Individual
  • Rule H - JK Relays

British Orienteering Competition Rules


World Ranking Event Requirements

If any of the days of JK are nominated to be an International Orienteering Federation (IOF) World ranking Event (WRE), there is a set of WRE rules and requirements that must be complied with.  These rules only apply to the courses that are for the M/W elite runners.

World Ranking Events (WRE) rules take precedence over the BOF rules. The IOF competition rules define the rules for organising and participation in IOF Events and are normally updated once a year. Therefore, the link below is to the competition rules page rather than to a specific document.

IOF Competition Rules


Trail O

TrailO has two formats - PreO, the form of competition used for many years now, and TempO, the relatively recently introduced 'sprint' form of TrailO where all competition activity is timed. A PreO event and a TempO event will be held in parallel with the main competition, one on each day selected as being the best for that particular type of activity. The actual days chosen will depend on the suitability of the areas and space for the activity. All efforts must be made to make Trail O part of the event. If none of the areas are suitable, then separate areas must be found as close to the main event as possible.

  • There are not any British Orienteering rules for TrailO events. The TrailO website contains information and recommendations about how to stage TrailO events in conjunction with a Major Event.
  • TrailO events follow the IOF TrailO Rules 2018.
  • JK 2019 Trail O files

Trail O Requirements at Major Events


Variation of Rules

If a variation or waiver of either the Competition Rules or the General Rules of Orienteering that apply to events registered by the British Orienteering Federation is required, the Organiser will need to apply to the Chair of the Events and Competitions Committee, using the standard Rule Waiver form, at least 6 months before the date of the competition. Applications made later than 6 months will only be consider if there has been a late change of circumstances that require changes to enable the competition to go ahead.

Rule Waiver Form

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Jury, Complaints, Protests & Appeals

Appendix A: Event Systems of the British Orienteering Rules contains information about:

  • The British Orienteering complaints, protests & appeals process.
  • For each day a jury must be arranged. There are different requirements for a Jury for the IOF WRE courses than those required for a British Orienteering jury. It may be possible to combine the two.

The British Orienteering complaints form is available via the link below.

British Orienteering Competition Rules

Complaint Protest Form

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