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SLOW summer series final, 14/07/2009

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Short (length: 2.2km, 11 controls)

Other courses: Long

 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sarah-Jane GaffneySLOWF000000:13:14
2Anne-Claire DefixOE42F000000:16:13
3Julia DefixOE42F000000:18:43
4Justin CookINDM000000:23:29
5Edward FaganINDM000000:25:02
6Marghanita MalanINDF000000:26:29
7Janetta TennantINDF000000:30:37
8Luke KeenINDM000000:31:22
9Betsan CriddleINDF000000:32:19
10Andrew HammondINDM000000:32:20
11Mumtar AyINDM000000:32:47
12Kenny PenfoldINDM000000:43:07
13Joanna WardINDF000000:43:09
-Christine BewleyINDF000000:40:05
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