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SOS Colour Code Event inc. ESSOL, 27/03/2011

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Angus DudleyBarnardistonM000000:08:18
2Haydn GarrodBarnardistonM000000:10:05
3C Warren P HolttumSt AndrewsM000000:10:16
4G Wash J QuinnSt AndrewsM000000:10:30
5H Peters A GreavesSt AndrewsM000000:10:47
6Jack EdwardsSt AndrewsM000000:10:58
7Holly McGertyBarnardistonM000000:11:02
8Alys PhillipsBarnardistonM000000:11:11
9J Palmer T SmithSt AndrewsM000000:11:34
10Jasper Waller-ToyneMonkwick JuniorM000000:12:06
11O Clark J EdwardsSt AndrewsM000000:12:23
12J Smith L EdwardsSt AndrewsM000000:12:28
13Maisie Waller-ToyneMonkwick JuniorM000000:12:52
14Charlotte GilbeyBarnardistonM000000:12:52
15Z Hartnup C CracknellSt AndrewsM000000:12:59
16E Gower L SwainsburySt AndrewsM000000:13:02
17Nathan ChimbaWrittle JuniorM000000:13:50
18Liam Chimba +1Writtle JuniorM000000:14:09
19T Turner L CrowSt AndrewsM000000:14:13
20Joshua BuistSt AndrewsM000000:14:21
21Catriona GladmanSOSM000000:14:47
22A Juniper L AmosSt AndrewsM000000:15:34
23Harry FergusonBarnardistonM000000:15:50
24L Harrington N SucklingSt AndrewsM000000:15:59
25Eleanor LowF200400:17:32
26David LowWAOCM200700:18:10
27Erica FoxWAOCF200300:18:23
28Tilly SalmonBarnardistonM000000:18:57
29Ben Clarke+1BarnardistonM000000:28:56
30Tara FergusonBarnardistonM000000:35:26
31Waller familyINDM000000:40:27
32Gill Power + 3INDM000000:42:48
-M Press D PartridgeSt AndrewsM000000:11:18
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