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SOS Colour Code Event inc. ESSOL, 27/03/2011

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Hope DudleyBarnardistonM000000:12:52
2Dominic EmersonSt AndrewsM000000:17:58
3Matthew ClarkeBarnardistonM000000:18:07
4Callum TurenrSt AndrewsM000000:18:10
5Gregory RobinsonBarnardistonM000000:20:27
6Daisy PartridgeSt AndrewsM000000:20:53
7Lucy EdwardsSt AndrewsM000000:24:01
8Chloe CracknellSt AndrewsM000000:24:10
9Georgia GowerSt AndrewsM000000:25:54
10Edward LowWAOCM200200:27:20
11James AllenINDM000000:31:25
12Naomi ChandlerINDM000000:35:26
13Martha Smith + 1INDM000000:35:51
14Oliver BrettCHIGM000000:45:08
-J Quinn E TufnellSt AndrewsM000000:12:03
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