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CHIG Regional SE League, 29/09/2013

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Short Blue (length: 5.06km, climb: 155m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
1,018.25 + (94.09 x (3,838.30 - T)) / 981.13
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Richard FreemanHHM196200:43:081138
2Bruce BryantODM195700:43:091138
3Brian HughesHOCM194700:46:521117
4Ian PeirceSARUMM194400:48:191108
5Duncan MintyLOKM196000:49:531099
6Rory PercivalTAYM196400:51:001093
7Liz PhillipsODF196400:51:011093
8Simon CaneLOCM194700:51:411089
9Simon LingMVM194500:54:561070
10Sarah AllanDFOKF196700:55:011070
11John CollyerGOM194500:55:191068
12Helen ErringtonHHF196100:55:571064
13Mike BaronSOM194200:56:021064
14Garry ParmenterHAVOCM194600:57:511053
15Keith MarsdenHHM194300:58:011053
16Rikke NørgaardBUL-TROMSØW197801:00:20
17Maire ConveryTAYF196701:00:581036
18Louise WalkerSUFFOCF196501:01:131034
19Karen VinesSMOCF196801:01:341032
20Gillian EdgarHAVOCF196601:02:161028
21Bertie HarringtonDFOKM199801:06:29
22Louise SylvaDFOKF196401:06:361003
23Mark ThompsonTVOCM195501:07:041000
24Susan CrickmoreSOF196201:07:47996
25Ted McDonaldBOKM194301:10:14982
26Miranda WeatherbyDRONGOF199501:11:44974
27Sue CarterSLOWF196701:12:00972
28Catherine GalvinLOKF196201:12:03972
29Hugh WiltshireHHM194701:14:46956
30Clare LinesSOF196501:18:49933
31Julie CollinsDFOKF196001:24:15902
32Andrew WardSOM196101:25:53892
33Annabelle TaylorF199601:30:48864
34Peter RyallWAOCM194801:52:43738
35Penny ParkesHHF195702:02:46680
36James ReddingSOSM198702:03:08678
-Michael HamptonODM194600:42:55
-Nikolay KolevTVOCM196800:55:42
-Peter AllenWAOCM194801:26:06
-Fiona TamINDW199201:45:44
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