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Clyde Urban Event - Incorporating SOUL3, 01/06/2013

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Course 2

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Point calculations
1,174.43 + (98.51 x (3,066.94 - T)) / 535.71
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ben HartmanINTM196900:39:361301
2David RobertsonCLYDEM196400:40:101295
3Robin OrrCLYDEM196100:42:231271
4Mark WoodFVOM196800:42:261270
5Ian MaxwellRRM196000:44:291248
6Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:45:081240
7Heather ThomsonESOCF197400:47:201216
8Alastair DunlopCLYDEM197300:48:041208
9Steve WilsonCLYDEM196500:49:291192
10Graeme RossINTM197300:49:561187
11Rupert ParkinsonFVOM196600:50:161184
12David SloanTAYM197200:50:471178
13Barry VeitchRRM197100:53:401146
14Keith RobertsMAROCM195900:57:011109
15Keith BrownESOCM196200:57:041109
16Rona LindsayESOCF199401:00:501067
17Andrew MacphersonCLYDEM196701:01:491056
18Perrine ponthenierCLYDEF199101:09:33971
19Alan BothwellTAYM195901:10:54956
20Euan MacKay01:11:29
21Moira Mason01:27:38
22Alison Winship01:31:36
23Jane Petty01:38:41
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