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ESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians, 19/07/2014

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Yellow (length: 1.95km, climb: 80m, 12 controls)

Other courses: Green | Orange | White
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Molnar Levente000000:16:58
2Molnar Botond000000:17:54
3 Hilary,Jessie,Daniel000000:21:12
4Jack WilliamsonM199900:22:11
5Jamie + Jack Williamson000000:23:15
6Eleanor, Calum + Fraser000000:23:29
7Tim DayELOM197300:27:27
8Rory+Alex+Ian Hunter000000:29:22
9Sam BartlettM200400:34:02
10Hanna BrindleyW200900:35:39
11Rory DayM200400:39:20
12Jane+Charlie Bolt000000:45:26
13Alex+Rachel+Frances Fullbrook000000:52:28
14 Laurence+James+RubyM200400:54:15
15 Lucy+HannahW200400:55:31
16Thea ThomasESOCF200901:18:24
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