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LEI (EM Urban League) , 06/09/2015

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1 (length: 8km, climb: 85m, 30 controls)

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Point calculations
1,175.94 + (115.86 x (3,815.42 - T)) / 832.77
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Harrison McCartneyLOKM199800:46:181320
2Nathan LawsonODM199700:48:401301
3Luigi LeroseESOCM197700:52:141271
4Anthony SquireNOCM197700:52:251269
5Matthew CoxLEIM199500:52:421267
6Leon FosterAIREM198300:52:531265
7Christopher Brand-BarkerLEIM199100:53:501257
8Tom O'BoyleWCHM198900:54:261252
9Alan Le MoigneM197500:59:21
10Nicholas WilsonDUOCM199901:00:331201
11Lee ScottSYOM196601:01:331193
12James BennettWCHM198601:03:361176
13Sam HutsonBOFM198501:04:281169
14Roger PhillipsLEIM197601:04:421167
15Tom BarberLEIM199801:05:191162
16Andrew ElliottSUFFOCM197101:09:221128
17Mark ThomsonBOFM196501:11:001114
18Craig LucasLOGM199701:12:381100
19Andrew LucasLOGM196401:13:461091
20Simon WestRAFOM199701:30:31951
21Daniel CalvertBOFM199601:41:45857
22Andrea SoltoggioM198001:56:32
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