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MDOC Park+Urban event, 05/03/2016

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Light Green (length: 3.8km, climb: 55m, 15 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Shane DrinkwaterINDM196600:46:17
2John NuttallSELOCM194500:47:25
3Norman HowarthNORM193000:47:30
4Mike WhartonINDM197600:47:34
5Jacob CoveneyMDOCM200300:48:14
6Fiona MillingtonMDOCF198000:52:17
7Ben LaxtonSSM200200:53:16
8Angus CurrieMDOCM199900:53:37
9Harry BrownMDOCM200100:54:33
10Ian WatsonMDOCM194700:56:26
11Alexander PeggMDOCM200300:57:21
12Louise ButcherDEEF197301:01:16
13Ben AmeyMDOCM199901:01:20
14Stephen MillingtonINDM197601:02:17
15Joseph HerbertMDOCM200401:05:04
16Alain KydMDOCM197001:06:18
17Benjamin KydMDOCM200301:07:54
18Peter HayesMDOCM195801:08:55
19Rebecca Brimage + Michelle PrattMDOCW198101:12:01
20Henry BaylisMDOCM200301:15:03
21Pavol PotocarSSM200201:17:14
22Abby WheelerMDOCF200101:29:16
23Nomi FischerMDOCF200001:29:16
-Nathan TownshendPOTOCM195601:04:30
-Rory AllenMDOCM200001:08:28
-Freddie ClitheroeMDOCM200001:10:50
-Jasper WigmoreMDOCM200101:12:02
-Paul WhiteMDOCM196601:29:06
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