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2019 Welsh League Event & Yvette Baker trophy and Shield Qualifier & Cwpan Y Ddraig Competition, 14/04/2019

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Green (length: 4.2km, 11 controls)

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Point calculations
938.55 + (74.27 x (3,831.80 - T)) / 538.53
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Quinlan SilkSWOCM200100:41:451122
2Lyra MedlockWSXF200700:48:01
3Haydn GriffithsSWOCM195900:51:011045
4Simon JamesTAYM196600:51:151043
5Daniel RothM197100:51:411039
6Allan DarwellBOKM195100:53:311024
7Gabriella WalshMWOCF196700:54:331016
8Kevin BushSWOCM195800:54:431014
9Siobhan LockSBOCF199900:55:521005
10Jill ManningSWOCF194900:56:281000
11Laurence GossageBOKM195000:58:30983
12Reuben LawsonNGOCM200600:59:22
13Paul TauntonNGOCM195001:02:03954
14David PalWREM196601:02:16952
15Gill LockSBOCF196301:03:26942
16Peter RibbansSWOCM195701:03:31941
17Annemieke SilkSWOCF196701:05:55922
18Ann MitchellSBOCF197001:06:57913
19Jasmine SilkSWOCF200201:08:08903
20Christopher RavenSWOCM200401:08:08
21Peter ColbertSWOCM195201:10:09887
22Jill GorvettSYOF194801:10:56880
23Michelle WardNGOCF197001:11:27876
24Megan SymonsSBOCF199601:12:57863
25Rebecca MedlockWSXF197401:14:00855
26Rosalind TauntonNGOCF195001:15:08845
27Jane BushSWOCF195701:16:08837
28Anne MaySWOCF194901:20:43799
29Ted McDonaldBOKM194301:23:06779
31Freda PeirceSARUMF194102:43:57110
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