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INVOC bto SOUL9, 29/09/2019

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2 WO/MV (length: 8.9km, climb: 60m, 31 controls)

Other courses: 1 MO | 3 WV/MSV | 4 WSV/MUV | 5 WUV/WHV/MHV | 6 WJ/MJ | 7 WYJ/MYJ
Point calculations
1,195.51 + (73.29 x (2,773.80 - T)) / 310.77
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Laurence CloadINVOCM197800:38:551299
2Andrew CampbellMORM196700:40:421274
3Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:42:261249
4Mark WoodFVOM196800:44:011227
5J LairdINVOCM196800:45:091211
6Colin SalisburyINVOCM196500:45:391204
7Colin HallMORM196600:45:461202
8Warwick TaylorMORM197400:47:231179
9Rachel KirklandFVOF197100:48:081169
10Nicole MealingINDF198400:49:16
11Jane ChisholmBASOCF198300:53:131097
12Jonny LewisINDM196900:54:22
13Kaisa OikkonenMORF198100:56:421047
14Ailsa HewickINDF200201:04:11
-Peter McLuckieMORM197000:52:36
-Kenny SteeleINDM196900:56:43
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