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BKO Winter Saturday Series (Swinley West), 19/10/2019

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Orange (length: 3km, 9 controls)

Other courses: White | Yellow | Light Green | Short Blue

 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jen DaplynINDF000000:35:59
2Charlie HearnSTANDM000000:39:38
3Sophia OquistBKOF000000:43:19
4Kirsten Huysamen+2INDF000000:46:07
5Sharon Fields Mike ChiversINDM000000:46:12
6Aidan WilliamsINDM000000:46:57
7Beth RyderINDF000000:55:10
8Fiona CloughBKOF196201:00:37
9karen Tulley Brian GreenINDF000001:02:04
10Alison BanhamINDF000001:02:59
11Alison Williams+1INDF000001:04:10
12Malcolm Paine+2M000001:06:10
13Katie Paul Sarah GroupIND000001:23:29
14Wu Ji Li Group runINDF000001:41:44
15Pip RyderINDF000001:45:06
16Rebecca HarrisBKOF197601:54:55
-Nicolette Evans retF000001:45:43
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