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British Orienteering Championships (UKOL), 25/03/2023

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1John OwenFVOM195700:38:09
2Helen Money-KyrleBOKF199600:47:06
3Stefan ClausMVM197200:47:43
4Nicola MortINDF198800:50:31
5Polly AthertonBOKF197100:52:16
6Dougal AndersonBOKM197300:55:06
7Arran HardwickBOFM201201:09:09
8Dawn CliffordMVF197101:12:57
9Zara RogersLOCF199301:14:43
10Jenny MartinCLOKF196901:17:17
11Nell DowningCLOKF201201:23:51
12Rafy Jones DelgadoINDF200201:31:03
13Jacob HaleTVOCM199401:31:43
14Ekaterina LaenkoTVOCF197001:36:13
15Lucy DaviesINDF198301:39:49
16Christine WilliamsSYOF195601:50:19
17Rae SimpsonCLOKF201201:57:48
18Paula KeyesSNF196202:00:20
19Karen BricknellSAXF196902:05:37
20Betsan PowellWAOCF200802:35:14
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