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Junior Inter Regional Championships Relay, 24/09/2023

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60 min Score Course

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Andy Creber000000:43:18
2Marcus PinkerFVOM197400:44:23
3Robert ElstonSARUMM200000:44:53
4Sam NewNWOM199700:52:33
5Luke TierneyUBOCM199900:53:20
6jane bush195700:55:22
7Gwenda Perry196900:55:31
8Christine FarrSWOCF197500:57:47
9Anthony RavenSWOCM197200:58:01
10Duncan PerryBOKM196900:58:38
11Vanessa LawsonNGOCF197100:58:48
12Diana McClureSBOCF195000:59:12
13Bethan IrwinSBOCF197800:59:13
14Marcus Perry000000:59:24
15Robin Irwin000000:59:28
16Duncan InnesSWOCM196201:00:38
17Kevin BushSWOCM195801:01:53
18Gary WatersSBOCM194901:05:59
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