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Tamar Triple Day 2, 04/06/2022

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Short Green (length: 4.2km, climb: 65m, 11 controls)

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Point calculations
844.15 + (89.63 x (3,495.64 - T)) / 523.00
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Joanna FosterBOKF195700:42:521002
2Karen ClarkEBORF195500:45:09979
3Brian HartDEVONM194500:45:14978
4Linda PakulsWIMF195700:46:46962
5Ranald MacdonaldDVOM195200:48:50941
6Sue HandsWIMF194800:50:15927
7Keith HendersonWIMM194200:50:23925
8Colette Du ToitNGOCF196200:52:34903
9Diana McClureSBOCF195000:52:52900
10Noreen IvesWAOCF195300:55:00878
11Jane Kayley-BurgessDVOF195700:56:42860
12Di TurnerSOF195100:57:49849
13Teresa TurnerSLOWF194800:58:54838
14David CorpLOCM195101:00:04826
15Christine CollinsWCHF196001:02:35800
16Denise MullinsSARUMF195101:02:50797
17Thelma SpaltonODF194801:04:24781
18Grahame CrawshawMDOCM194801:04:57775
19Roger CraddockQOM194101:05:01775
20Charlotte MooreHOCF198301:05:39768
21Amanda BaileySNF196301:07:59744
22Ruth ChestersDEVONF195001:09:08732
23Helen TaylorDEVONF195901:12:16700
24David RobertsNWOM194701:14:24678
25Karen ClarkEBORF195501:26:41552
-Viv MacdonaldDVOF195201:07:43
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