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Northern Championships & YHOA SuperLeague (UKOL), 26/02/2023

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Arthur O'TooleEBORM201300:26:05
2Kiran HornBOFM201000:28:40
3Albert FarnellSYOM201200:32:46
4Jay HornBOFM201300:34:07
5Zac GarrattSYOM201300:36:24
6Lucy HoltSYOF201300:36:39
7Eliza-Blue ElliottSYOF201500:38:37
8Adrian SnowtonSYOM201200:43:00
9Paul TrenellSYOM198400:43:50
10Eliza JonesSYOF201100:44:04
11Anna HoltSYOF201100:46:15
12Evelyn van KesterenIND000000:51:02
13Lily RobinsonNOCF201700:56:47
14Neva McLeanSYOF201300:59:32
15Marilyn HammertonINDF194701:01:18
16Grace RobinsonNOCF201301:06:21
17Claire ThwaitesSOCF196601:07:35
18Jack NortonSYOM201301:17:26
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