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CompassSport Cup Heat, 13/02/2022

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Blue Women (length: 6.9km, climb: 40m, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
954.38 + (103.49 x (4,831.79 - T)) / 976.44
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jenny CarlssonWAOCF198400:55:321113
2Louise WalkerSUFFOCF196501:05:201051
3emma crossNORF198801:05:451048
4Helen BickleWAOCF198201:10:511016
5Emma MorumSOSF198701:12:331005
6Alison WrightLOGF198401:12:511003
7Philippa AllenCHIGF197901:13:061002
8Tracey BarkerSOSF196801:13:58996
9Freya AskhamSMOCF197401:14:27993
10Sarah ManselSUFFOCF196501:19:22962
11Rachel McTurkSOSF198801:26:20917
12Carla Sutherland NORF197901:28:10906
13Kerry SturmanNORF197701:35:11861
14Sandra MatherSMOCF196601:39:00837
15Anna-Kaisa Koskela-BrookLOGF198301:45:17797
16Caroline LouthWAOCF196101:49:05773
17Barbara BeckettHAVOCF195501:53:38744
18Leanne BaileyNORF197903:05:55284
-Emily MitchellWAOCF198001:28:55
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