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SLOW National Event, 30/10/2022

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Yellow (length: 1.83km, climb: 20m, 10 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Freya BellIF HAGEF201200:25:06
2Ben SeastonMVM201300:27:22
3Isla FindlayDFOKF201400:28:46
4Kai JoyceSOM201100:28:47
5Abigail CooperSNF201200:32:03
6Matty NixonM201200:32:16
7Charlotte SmithSLOWF201200:33:04
8Arran HardwickM201100:34:39
9Daniel GuntonSOCM201300:37:19
10Elysia CoweWAOCF201300:38:14
11Jonathan SmithSLOWM201400:39:36
12Theodore MarsdenHHM201300:40:11
13Oliver GardnerM201100:45:49
14Rufus ScottM201100:46:43
15Emilia SkidmoreTVOCF201600:53:14
16Benjamin RussellM200901:04:24
17Cooper StephensonM201101:06:37
-Amelie CallaghanF201200:27:21
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