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East Midlands League 2022, 15/05/2022

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Max Straube-RothODM200900:37:59
2Jonah HearnWCHM200900:44:06
3Paul JarvisMDOCM196400:53:36
4Daniel PigottPOTOCM200900:53:55
5Rob HendersonNOCM198801:04:02
6Kate JarrettWAOCF200901:09:00
7Melanie HearnWCHF197301:12:42
8YatHei Lo01:15:10
9Rebekah HugginsSYO01:26:24
10Grahame CrawshawMDOCM194801:27:21
11Jennifer Kent01:36:43
12Andrew ShearingDVOM197501:39:23
13Angela BentBUXTON01:58:32
14Christopher BentBUXTON01:58:46
-Kevin McNeeDVOM196701:33:36
-Hendrikus Van RossumAIREM195001:34:49
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