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NI Colour series 4, 30/10/2021

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Orange (length: 2.1km, climb: 120m, 9 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ronan O’HanlonARMAGH M200400:25:39
2Ciaran McCroryARMAGH M200600:26:04
3Ella HaynesARMAGH F200400:26:07
4Maitiu McsorleyARMAGH M200400:26:43
5Mark HaynesARMAGH M197600:27:01
6Anna ByrneARMAGH F200400:28:13
7Cara CorriganARMAGH F200600:28:35
8Conor DelaneyARMAGH M200800:30:16
9Eilidh - Méabh DuffyARMAGH F200800:31:24
10May CranneyF200800:32:38
11Aran PowerLVOM201300:35:11
12Rachel ReidNWOCF196100:35:39
13Zak HallARMAGH M200800:35:55
14Natalie HallARMAGH F198100:35:56
15Mike GordonLVOM201500:36:41
16Jimmy GordonLVOM201300:37:26
17Norma ReaLVOF197600:37:38
18Julie HayesARMAGH F198100:39:14
19James EwartLVOM201000:40:51
20Beth CranneyF201000:41:20
21Lauren HoweF000000:45:41
22Elliott PriceM201100:47:11
23Theo PriceM201000:48:51
24Imogen PriceF200800:53:26
-Charlie DugganARMAGH M201000:23:03
-William HaynesARMAGH M201000:25:34
-Jack DugganARMAGH M201000:25:57
-Matthew NugentARMAGH M200800:29:25
-Rosa McGearyARMAGH F200800:30:47
-Ronan McCroryARMAGH M200800:30:53
-Orlaith McsorleyARMAGH F200800:30:57
-Danny McGurganARMAGH M200800:31:47
-Joe DugganARMAGH M200800:32:43
-Lochlainn MartinARMAGH M200800:34:01
-Cahal PowerLVOM201500:36:20
-Hannah HayesARMAGH F200800:36:46
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