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Blue Men (length: 6.8km, climb: 295m, 26 controls)

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Point calculations
1,153.55 + (88.27 x (4,707.61 - T)) / 992.42
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Charlie AdamsSYOM196400:55:161277
2Chris McCartneyHOCM196900:55:531274
3Liam CornerMDOCM197000:57:401265
4Jonathan EmbertonEPOCM196100:59:221255
5Jason HowellHOCM196901:01:441243
6Karl MarshallSYOM196701:03:271234
7Richard HuntSYOM197301:04:401227
8Richard BaxterSYOM196801:08:411206
9Alex MorganHOCM196401:09:001204
10Paul TaylorSYOM196501:10:041198
11Marcus TettWREM196401:10:561194
12Clive RichardsonWREM196601:11:211191
13Christopher CalowDEEM195201:11:241191
14David ToddSYOM196601:11:271191
15Tony CallowWREM196601:18:411152
16Simon ThompsonHOCM196501:18:561151
17David WatheyMDOCM196501:19:581146
18Andy SykesDVOM196501:22:521130
19Graham NilsenDEEM195801:23:121128
20Duncan BaylissWREM196701:29:181096
21Alex ForrestSYOM196701:29:551092
22Andrew LewisWCHM196601:30:041092
23David BrownWCHM197301:31:361083
24James GarnettSYOM196801:32:111080
25Steven CollinsWREM196701:33:201074
26Peter LangmaidHOCM196801:38:231047
27Adrian BaileyHOCM196601:57:40944
28Alain KydMDOCM197001:59:52933
-Robin HopePOTOCM196901:20:24
-Ian ChaferHOCM196501:53:23
-Jonathan WhilockPOTOCM196601:24:35
-Karl KingsmanHOCM196401:34:39
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