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NI Urban League, 20/08/2022

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Medium (length: 5.5km, climb: 60m, 19 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Mark EarnshawLVOM196440:20:00
2Wilbert HollingerLVOM194841:15:00
3Julie MurphyLVOF196343:25:00
4Ann SavageLVOF195548:02:00
5Barbara Foley-FisherLVOF195149:35:00
6Colin SmithLVOM196651:22:00
7David OrwinLVOM195551:24:00
8Nigel J Foley-FisherLVOM195052:12:00
9Helen BaxterLVOF195555:10:00
10Carol BlackLVOF196755:48:00
11Aileen McCarronLVOF196556:39:00
12Richard McCourtLVOM194358:53:00
13peter howeNWOCM196061:43:00
14Lauren HoweNWOCF199165:35:00
15Sam WelchM200573:56:00
16Emma WalshM200574:01:00
17Daphne HamondLVOF195589:40:00
18Stephen LeonardM197796:22:00
19Zoe LeonardF200796:25:00
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