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CompassSport Cup Heat, 12/03/2023

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Point calculations
1,195.74 + (54.92 x (5,208.82 - T)) / 834.07
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Reuben LawsonNGOCM200601:08:061270
2Ake FagerengSBOCM198301:08:27
3Alex LyneNGOCM198001:12:591250
4James ClemenceSWOCM196001:14:001246
5Pete ShirvingtonQOM197301:17:281233
6Matt O'KeefeSWOCM198201:19:371224
7Richard SansburyQOM196901:22:381212
8Owain JonesBOKM198101:25:141202
9Scott BaileyBOKM197301:26:241197
10Philip SorrellQOM197701:29:521184
11David PillingBOKM196601:32:041175
12Brian FletcherQOM197201:35:091163
13Ben LonsdaleRAFOM198201:37:381153
14Tom AgombarNGOCM197701:40:221142
15Chris AtkinsBOKM197801:59:491065
16Freddie HabgoodSBOCM200402:19:29988
-Thomas FoordSWOCM197801:15:27
-Christopher RavenSWOCM200401:36:35
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