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Tim Watkins Trophy, 26/11/2023

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E (length: 7.35km, climb: 380m, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,085.68 + (92.70 x (5,767.83 - T)) / 725.40
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Roger GoddardFVOM197401:08:081300
2Michael BillinghurstWCOCM196001:15:221245
3Julian LaileySROCM194601:34:251099
4DOROTHY PELLYLOCF195801:34:381097
5Phil ConwayGOM196301:35:591087
6Richard WilsonAIREM195301:37:511072
7Stella LewsleyBLF195401:38:481065
8Debbie ThompsonBLF195601:39:391059
9Darren BakerDEEM196701:43:181031
10Sally HeppellWCOCF197701:47:091001
11Gary LingardLOCM197001:47:40997
12Richard TileyLOCM195801:47:59995
13George RennieWCOCM200801:48:43
14Rachel PlattLOCF198401:49:47981
15Wai Ki Joyce FungDEEF200501:54:38944
16Tony RutterSROCM196002:11:55811
17Christina DownhamLOCF200202:20:04
18Rebecca McCreadieDEEF197602:26:13702
-Simon FilmoreLOCM195601:23:29
-Roger LottAIREM195001:27:12
-Ruth HarrisDEEF196902:32:18
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