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EMOA League 2023 Chambers Wood, 05/02/2023

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Short Green (length: 4.3km, climb: 25m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
800.83 + (113.38 x (5,072.21 - T)) / 1,494.58
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul SimmonsHALOM195100:56:28929
2Jane Kayley-BurgessDVOF195700:56:46927
3Kevin GallagherLEIM194901:00:40909
4Dave SkidmoreDVOM194601:00:50909
5Rod WilliamsHALOM194701:02:12902
6Hilary PalmerNOCF194701:03:00899
7Ruth EllisDVOF195101:03:54895
8Liz GodfreeDVOF194801:07:21879
9Margaret WilldigODF195301:08:02876
10John PalmerNOCM194601:09:03871
11Robert TitteringtonLEIM194201:11:18861
12Amanda WardHALOF196301:14:28847
13Jeffrey BakerLOGM195101:15:34842
14Peter ChickLEIM194401:15:45841
15Doug DickinsonDVOM194501:16:11839
16Donald MoirLEIM193301:23:19806
17Thelma SpaltonODF194801:24:53799
18Maureen WebbLEIF195301:30:13775
19Brian SlaterHALOM194701:34:15757
20Karen CookHALOF196901:38:12739
21Ernie WilliamsLEIM194201:47:36696
22Karin KirkODF194701:51:07680
23Sue BicknellLEIF194401:51:20679
24John MiddlerODM195201:51:57676
25John WoodallNOCM193801:52:43673
26Peter LeakeLEIM193901:57:10652
27Tricia NealNOCF194601:59:06644
28Oliver SimmonsHALOM200502:05:30614
29Geoff GibbsLOGM194102:25:59521
-Anne GibbsLOGF194401:36:14
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