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Scottish Sprint Champs - incorporating SOUL5, 02/04/2023

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Course 1 (length: 4.125km, climb: 30m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
1,296.71 + (83.74 x (1,010.59 - T)) / 134.82
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Chris SmithardFVOM198900:13:471411
2James HammondFVOM200600:14:121395
3Alex WetherillEUOCM200300:14:451375
4Rudi PaulSTAGM200000:14:471373
5Sam GriffinGRAMPM200400:14:581367
6Peter HodkinsonINTM199100:15:091360
7Joe HuddWCOCM200300:15:191354
8Frank TownleyEUOCM200300:15:561331
9Simon GregersenESOCM199400:16:001328
10Joe SunleyEUOCM200300:16:021327
11Ross WhiteSTAGM199200:16:201316
12Angus LairdINVOCM200600:16:251313
13Tom LinesINTM199900:16:411303
14Joel AtkinsonELOM200600:16:471299
15Donald SlaterESOCM200200:17:46
16Sam HuntFVOM200600:17:501260
17Jamie GoddardFVOM200400:17:531258
18Daniel BarberEUOCM200000:18:071249
19Iain CattermoleSTAGM199700:18:301235
20Thomas AthorneSTAGM198800:18:371231
21Alistair Black BlackESOCM198900:18:431227
22Alastair McCartneyCLYDEM200400:18:501223
23Craig NolanESOCM200200:18:50
24Ross LyallELOM199200:19:171206
25James FathersFVOM200200:20:001179
26Ian WhiteheadSTAGM200200:21:58
27David McPhillipsESOCM200200:24:151021
28Charlotte HorneAUOCM200200:27:27901
29Michael DohertyINTM200200:28:26865
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