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SYO Regional Event & YHOA School Championships, 21/04/2024

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Yellow (length: 2.6km, 12 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jack WalwynSYOM201200:14:30
2Louis BryantSYOM201200:14:32
3Samuel CrookBRADFOR000000:15:16
4Ethan NicholsonBRADFOR000000:15:29
5Sophie HowsamSYOF201100:16:00
6Alexander CadmanSYOM201100:16:44
7Beau ElliottSYOF201200:16:58
8Benjamin RichardsonBRADFOR000000:17:05
9Eleanor Cokell000000:17:24
10Felix WoodsSYOM000000:17:42
11Jasper DaviesSYOM201100:18:16
12Alec JohnstonSYOM201300:18:30
13Alex JohnsonSYOM201200:19:23
14Oliver JamesBRADFOR000000:19:24
15Thomas AickinBRADFOR000000:19:48
16George OaklandBRADFOR000000:20:49
17Javier Littler-MedinaSYOM201400:22:33
18Rosa WilsonBRADFOR000000:23:34
19Grace RobinsonNOCF201300:23:57
20Alastair ReidSYOM201100:23:58
21Ben Noble000000:24:14
22Owen Hayward000000:24:17
23Jay HornBOFM201300:24:27
24Frank Tedstill000000:24:46
25Lily RobinsonNOCF201700:27:46
26Jake Tedstill000000:27:53
27Sophie Richardson000000:36:56
28Edan HaywardKINGED000000:52:21
29Reuben DaviesSYO000001:07:08
-Nieve GribbleEBORF200900:26:49
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