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Northern Ireland Night Championships, 17/02/2024

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Long (M/W Open) (length: 4.1km, climb: 155m, 17 controls)

Other courses: Medium (M/W45+, M55+) | Short (W55+, M/W65+, M/W16)
Point calculations
1,119.52 + (110.83 x (3,137.93 - T)) / 708.03
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alan KerrLVOM196900:33:251297
2Mark StephensLVOM199400:33:351295
3George SavellLVOM198800:34:401285
4Billy ReedLVOM196500:40:311230
5Alan O'DonnellBOFM197800:41:251222
6Sarah KnightLVOF198900:47:231166
7Sophie PruzinaLVOF199900:47:421163
8Eoin O'DonnellBOFM200700:49:441144
9Alan ElwoodLVOM197000:51:251128
10Richard GambleLVOM197300:52:191119
11Olivia BaxterLVOF199000:53:201110
12Anastasia MahlychLVOF200600:53:251109
13Peter GambleLVOM200600:53:391107
14Moire O'SullivanLVOF197600:54:041103
15Kieran RocksLVOM197600:54:271099
16Helen PruzinaLVOF199500:54:341098
17Sharon DickensonLVOF197601:12:35929
18Lesley YoungLVOF198101:20:50852
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