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N I Colour Series 2, 20/04/2024

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Green (length: 4.2km, climb: 105m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
904.42 + (107.86 x (3,793.08 - T)) / 853.18
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David BlairNWOCM195300:47:571020
2Rebecca LintonNWOCF200500:49:581005
3Mark PhilpottNWOCM196300:51:26994
4Matthew CrothersLVOM200400:51:50991
5Murray CowanLVOM196900:52:17987
6Pauric QuinnFERMOM196400:52:57982
7Wilbert HollingerLVOM194800:55:44961
8Brian CrothersLVOM197100:56:15957
9Raymond FinlayFERMOM195100:57:15950
10Heather CairnsLVOF196400:57:54945
11Gerard MeehanNWOCM195700:57:58944
12Charlie ReidNWOCM196400:58:21
13Per-Olov ElovssonFINM195901:00:21
14Malachy McGuinnessNWOCM196401:00:46923
15Bill HopkinsLVOM194801:01:40916
16Tommy BurkeFINM195401:07:13
17Aileen McCarronLVOF196501:10:38848
18Ewan EwartLVOM201201:10:50
19Steven HaleM01:15:48
20Sean MageeFERMOM197101:16:52801
21Richard WilliamsonLVOM195001:17:36795
22Gordon StephensLVOM195801:22:13760
23Tamara BRONCKAERSLVOF196801:34:51664
24Alison CollinsLVOF196401:34:58664
-Lyida MitchellFERMOF200701:00:49
-Carol BlackLVOF196701:06:21
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