Safeguarding Checks

Safeguarding Checks

The DBS Disclosure Process in England and Wales

British Orienteering is no longer a registered body for the purpose of DBS checking as we do not process enough DBS applications to qualify. We now use the umbrella body Online Disclosures to process applications on our behalf. The system is completely electronic; please follow the steps below to make an application for a DBS disclosure. 

If you are in Northern Ireland or Scotland please visit the links found further down this page.

1. Decide if you are required to, and eligible to, apply for a DBS disclosure. Use the attached flow diagram to determine if you do or do not need a DBS check. 

2. If you decide that you need a DBS check, Please complete the below DBS Eligibility Form and return to at the British Orienteering National Office.

If you wish to make a private and confidential disclosure prior to your DBS application, you can return your form to

  • The information provided will be used to asses if your role meets the eligibility criteria for a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure as it illegal for us to process an application if the applicant is ineligible. 
  • We will also confirm your eligibility status; are you coaching in a volunteer or paid capacity? 
  • You will then receive an e-mail containing further instructions as to how to begin your application.

3. When completing the online form you will need to provide a range of information that can be used to verify your identity and address. You will need to provide: 

  • Full name and other personal details  

  • National Insurance number if you have one  

  • Driving Licence number  

  • Passport number, nationality and country of issue  

  • Full, current address  

4. Somebody will need to verify that the forms of identification provided are genuine. This will either be one of our ‘Document Checkers’ or one of the staff at the National Office. In either case, you will need to provide the following documents: 

  • A document showing your National Insurance number 

  • Your UK Driving Licence (paper or card) 

  • Your Passport 

  • A utility bill with your name and current address 

5. Due to British Orienteering now using the Online Disclosure system there is a charge of £12.90 inc. VAT per application that will need to be paid by the applicant. 

6. If you have used a Document Checker to verify the documents they will be able to login to the system and confirm that they have verified your documents. 

7. Nominated staff based at the National Office can see the status of all applicants’ check at all times, therefore once verified we will countersign and submit to DBS via the online system. 

8. The DBS will carry out the checks. Their stated aim is to complete standard disclosures in 2 weeks and enhanced disclosures in 4 weeks, but it is better to allow longer than this. When the DBS has completed the checks it will send one copy of the disclosure to you at your home address. British Orienteering will be notified of completed checks. If there is nothing recored, your records will be updated. Should there be a disclosure, you will then need to copy the disclosure and send it to the National Office, this can be a paper copy or a scanned version. 

Should there be a disclosure, it will be assessed by the Lead Safeguarding Officer and potentially then reviewed by the Case Management Group (CMG).

For more information go to the DBS’s own step-by-step guide to the disclosure process

Scotland PVG Scheme

For more information about the Scotland PVG Scheme, visit the Scottish Orienteering Assocaiton webpage here.

Northern Ireland - Access NI

Coaches in Northern Ireland can apply for their check via this link. Coaches are expected to apply for an enhanced check and pay the NI Sports forum who act as the umbrella body.

It is recommended that coaches renew every three years.

More information can be found on the NIOA website.

To obtain a pin number contact Helen Baxter

Will British Orienteering accept the DBS Update Service?

Yes, British Orienteering will accept a DBS through the DBS update service. In order to complete the check, you will need to give the Lead Safeguarding Officer permission to view your document and the following:

  • Your certificate number,
  • Your surname on the certificate,
  • Your date of birth.

Can you use an existing DBS with British Orienteering?

British Orienteering will accept a DBS that has been issued from another employer or sport as long as the requirements are the same. You will be asked to provide a copy of your existing certificate and complete the DBS eligibility form (above) to check your individual requirements prior to your records being updated.

PLEASE NOTE: This will only be permitted for a limited period. British Orienteering will shortly only be accepting DBS's (In England and Wales) issued through through our application process or through the DBS update service. This change is due to come into effect on 1st May 2022.

You will be asked to complete a new DBS if:

  • You need a certificate for a different type of 'workforce' (for example, you have an 'adult workforce' certificate and need a 'child workforce' certificate).
  • You need a different level certificate (for example, you have a standard DBS certificate and need an enhanced one).
  • You have an enhanced DBS check without a barred list check, but need an enhanced DBS check with a children's barred list check.
  • Your certificate is older than three years. DBS's completed by another body would need to be renewed three years after date on the certificate.

If you are unsure if your existing certificate is suitable, contact the British Orienteering National Office on