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The 2017 UK Orienteering League Club results are in!

It’s been another great competitive year of orienteering with orienteering clubs competing in 20 UK Orienteering League events across the UK. The Club League was another close contest this year.

Bristol Orienteering Klub the orienteering club for Bristol, Bath and its surrounding areas has won the National UK Club League (UKOL), following on from its National win at the Compass Sport Cup last month. Bristol Orienteering Klub has come in 1st position with 6844 points, South Yorkshire Orienteers in 2nd position with 6418 points and Octavian Droobers in 3rd position with 6415 points.

The UKOL in 2017 consisted of 20 races across the country, and Bristol Orienteering Klub won by a convincing margin, beating the 2nd placed South Yorkshire team by over 400 points.

2017 Club League results are in!

The winning team was made up of the top 15 individual scoring athletes: 
Lucy Tonge, Alison Simmons, Mark Saunders, Tereza Maria Rush, Ifor Powell, Adam Potter, David Palmer, Jackie Hallett, Clive Hallett, Jo Foster, Clare Fletcher, Geoffrey Ellis, Gavin Clegg, Alice Bedwell, Cecilie Andersen.

The team was so strong this year that the next 15 scoring Bristol Orienteering Klub athletes also managed to obtain a 7th place in the league – this is a great achievement where 2 teams from a single club are in the top 10 for the UK Orienteering League.

Martin Ward, UK Orienteering League Coordinator, says: “It was no surprise to see Bristol Orienteering Klub (BOK) winning again, after their recent CompassSport Cup victory. Congratulations also to clubs that have moved up the league table significantly since the 2016 league. Southdowns Orienteers (SO) are up 4 places from 12th to 8th, Devon are up 6 from 21st to 15th, and Wimborne are up a huge 14 places, from 30th to 16th. Well done!”

Alan Honey, Bristol Orienteering Klub Chair, said:  "What a brilliant year! BOK members of all abilities are willing to support the club, both in competition and by volunteering. It’s created a fantastic spirit and atmosphere both at our events and when racing elsewhere. These results are a reflection of that spirit."

Top 10 Club Positions at the end of the 2017 UK Orienteering League




Contributing members




Lucy Tonge (W18), Alison Simmons (W60), Mark Saunders (M55), Tereza Maria Rush (W35), Ifor Powell (M45), Adam Potter (M21), David Palmer (M70), Jackie Hallett (W60), Clive Hallett (M50), Jo Foster (W60), Clare Fletcher (W75), Geoffrey Ellis (M40), Gavin Clegg (M60), Alice Bedwell (W55), Cecilie Andersen (W20)




Martin Ward (M50), Peter Tryner (M40), Pauline Tryner (W45), Tim Tett (M55), Andrew Preston (M40), Jenny Peel (W45), Paul Johnson (M65), Peter Gorvett (M70), Pippa Dakin (W20), Dominic Dakin (M16), Amanda Crawshaw (W45), Marcia Bradbury (W60), Dane Blomquist (M21), Nick Barrable (M40), Charlie Adams (M50)




Anne Straube (W40), Hilary Simpson (W75), Lesley Ross (W50), Liz Phillips (W50), Chris McCartney (M45), Oliver Lunn (M16), Felix Lunn (M16), Nathan Lawson (M20), Alistair Landels (M45), Mike Hampton (M70), Sue Hallett (W70), Jill Emmerson (W50), Barry Elkington (M60), Sheila Carey (W70), Sue Bicknell (W70)




John Thompson (M80), Roger Thetford (M55), Alison Smith (W50), Jim Prowting (M70), Simon Kippin (M45), Bethany Kippin (W18), Dave Kingham (M60), Mikhail Gryaznevich (M60), Ben Green (M40), Inara Gipsle (W65), Vesela CHOKOEVA (W40), Nigel Bunn (M50), Fiona Bunn (W18), David Bunn (M16), Roger Baker (M85)




Mick Smith (M65), Janet Rosen (W60), Alan Rosen (M60), Sian Mitchell (W35), Ian Marsden (M40), Helen Marsden (W40), Angus Harrington (M16), Kevin Harding (M55), Alison Harding (W55), Dawn Figg (W45), Samuel Fielding (M20), Kevin Fielding (M45), Simon Errington (M50), James Errington (M20), Helen Errington (W55)




Andy Thorpe (M45), Adam Thorpe (M16), Philip Thompson (M80), Gill Ross (W65), Sarah Pedley (W16), Mike Pedley (M55), Alasdair Pedley (M18), Richard Payne (M65), James Logue (M45), Laura Harrison (W16), Emma Harrison (W45), Judith Goodair (W75), Guy Goodair (M80), Jonathan Emberton (M55), Julie Couch (W55)




Sally Thomas (W70), John Simmons (M65), Chloe Potter (W20), Matthew Owen (M50), Tony Noott (M80), Eddie Narbett (M18), Helen Kelsey (W60), Christopher Kelsey (M60), Alan Honey (M55), Michael Hallett (M20), Paul Gebbett (M45), Carolyn Dent (W55), Rachel Dennis (W50), Karen Crawford (W45), Scott Bailey (M45)




Ruth Rhodes (W75), Andrew Parkinson (M65), Paul Luttman (M45), Jane Lambert (W55), Jack Kosky (M21), Ffion Jones (W16), Christine Jepson (W55), Carol House (W60), Chris Hooker (M55), Will Heap (M40), Stanley Heap (M16), Neil Crickmore (M55), Anna Chapman (W40), Steve Blount (M55), Jill Blount (W55)




Paul Watson (M40), Vicky Thornton (W55), Peter Ross (M70), Peter Moseley (M35), David Mawdsley (M75), Andrew Gregory (M80), Tom Fellbaum (M21), Heather Fellbaum (W50), Jillyan Dobby (W65), Steve Dempsey (M50), Ben Dempsey (M16), Liam Corner (M45), John Britton (M65), Peter Bray (M21), Sue Birkinshaw (W80)




Steve Webb (M55), Tony Thornley (M65), Susan Stevens (W60), Ian Marshall (M55), Lindsey King (W55), Laura King (W18), Bryony Harding (W21), Peter Haines (M60), Lucy Haines (W18), Neil Conway (M45), Natasha Conway (W45), Evie Conway (W16), Wendy Carlyle (W60), David Alcock (M40), Gill Adams (W55)

British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bristol Orienteering Klub and thank all club teams who took part in this year’s events. Another great year of orienteering!

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The 2017 UK Orienteering League Individual results are now in! 
The  winners of each age class can be found here.