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Every Orienteering event should have a Bouncy Castle!

Fermanagh Orienteers in Northern Ireland are delighted to share the early successes of their partnership with Swanlinbar Development Association and their “Finding Our Way” project. 

Easter Monday morning in Swanlinbar was quite a sight! Families descended on the small border town, heading for a Mad Hatters Tea Party. Over a hundred people took part; even the threat of yet more snow couldn’t put these families off! The snow didn’t materialise; however, the White Rabbit did, much to the delight of the kids.

Sharon Howe is the Community Coordinator for the “Finding Our Way” Project. “Our Project certainly found its way today. Young and old orienteered around the village and used the maps to find the points for the Bunny Hop Easter Hunt. Participants were rewarded with lots of Easter eggs and a wee cuppa to warm up after the cold”. Two inflatable bouncy castles for the kids burned off some more Easter energy before hometime.

The Project encourages cross-community and cross-border participation, engaging people of all age groups & backgrounds, breaking down barriers and building positive relationships. The regeneration of Trivia House aims to attract tourists to the town, particularly given Swanlinbar’s proximity to the Marble Arch Global Geopark, including Florence Court and the “Stairway to Heaven”.

Funding is through the International Fund For Ireland Peace Impact Program. Fermanagh Orienteers are delighted to lend their support and are already looking to the next stage of the project.

Susan Lambe, Active Clubs Coordinator for Orienteering in Northern Ireland, adds:  “Fermanagh Orienteers are currently enjoying a surge of participation. With dedication from club volunteers, supported by Lottery funding from Sport NI through the Active Clubs programme, the club is active and growing. The innovative and imaginative approach from the “Finding Our Way” project is a wonderful way to bring the local community together, introducing orienteering to all the family as a fun day out.”

For more information on the Finding Our Way project, check out Swanlinbar Development Association or Fermanagh Orienteers on Facebook.

For further information on orienteering in Northern Ireland, or if you have an idea for a future partnership, contact Susan on or call 07717 297676.