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Strategic Refresh Consultation and Market Research

The existing British Orienteering Strategic Plan was published in December 2016 and includes a SWOT analysis for the sport and the organisation, vision, mission and values, priorities, risks, and objectives and is overall a well packaged piece of work. This plan has become less relevant with the passage of time and the changing of circumstances (e.g. funding) and it is not currently driving action on a daily basis, does not reflect the work of the clubs and associations and doesn’t align us as a sport.

There is much to celebrate about orienteering in the UK, it is a wonderful physical and mental challenge that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is potentially very inclusive. We have over 50 years of rich history, we are a grassroots sport run by volunteers, with a strong club network and packed event calendar. We also face some challenges from the gentle decline in numbers and aging profile of membership, the competition for other activities which are growing such as Park Run and Tough Mudder. Our hard-working volunteers are feeling increasing fatigue and our sport isn’t as joined up as it could be. Finally, the future funding structure across the UK sporting landscape is uncertain, which could have a big impact.

Over the last twelve months the Board has worked to establish some draft thoughts for the future of orienteering, including soliciting input at workshops at the clubs and associations conference.

Throughout October and November, we will be carrying out some surveying and focus group sessions, to collect some market research as well as consult on the current draft aims and themes of the British Orienteering Strategic Refresh.

We look forward to gathering opinions and feedback across the Orienteering community and beyond. Thank you all in advance for your continued support and understanding especially over the last six months, as we all have and continue to navigate a challenging period.