Board Values Statement

Board Values

The British Orienteering Board of Directors work strategically and are responsible for ensuring British Orienteering delivers its strategic plans. Except for the CEO, all Board members work on a voluntary basis and are non-executive.

  • British Orienteering and its Board believe in strong corporate governance. All Board Directors agree to and sign a Letter of Acceptance and a Code of Practice for Directors which set out the expectations that they act in the best interests of British Orienteering, and in a manner consistent with their legal duties. All Board Directors also provide a declaration of good character.
  • British Orienteering complies with the diversity requirements of the Code of Sports Governance and is actively working to foster all aspects of diversity within our leadership and decision making.
  • British Orienteering and its Board are committed to a minimum of 30% of each gender on the Board; and will demonstrate a strong and public commitment to moving towards achieving gender parity and greater diversity generally on the Board, including, but not limited to, Black, Asian, minority ethnic (BAME) diversity, transgender and disability.
  • In addition, the Board will take appropriate actions to support and maintain the afore-mentioned gender and diversity targets.

A Diversity Action Plan has been drafted to increase diversity and inclusiveness on the Board and across the decision-making infrastructures in orienteering. The draft plan is a working document that will be adopted by the Board in December. Work to improve the plan will continue whilst it is being implemented.