British Orienteering

SWOC Winter Maprun 3

Wed 20th Nov 2024
Suitable for families
Suitable for newcomers
Coaching/advice available
Dogs are not allowed


Nearest town:Cardiff


Description:You have 60 minutes, and a map with approximately 25 checkpoints to visit. Your goal: to score points by visiting checkpoints. Score as many points as you can, and get back to the start within the time limit. We will be using Map run app look at the SWOC website for final details on downloading this. You can choose which checkpoints to visit, in any order, via any route. Checkpoints are a mixture of lamp posts, fire hydrants and other urban features and have between 10 and 40 points awarded. The control sites will not be otherwise marked on the ground. The event will run according to current British Orienteering rules for the return to orienteering in Wales and will also follow any Welsh Government guidelines in force at the time of the event. Mass start at 7pm. Pre entry only via Fabian 4.
Event number:84881



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