Event Schedule

An event the size and complexity of the JK needs a project management plan of some description. 

There are many aspects of the JK that need attending to and it is easy to miss or forget something. The timetable pulls all of these tasks together with reasonable finish dates.  

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JK Timeline Schedule

The timetable attached to this document is designed to give the Coordinator a clear steer as to when items need to be finished, not when to start. Everything always takes longer than you think and so should be started as early as possible. It is highly recommended that you refer to the timetable often and go through it at each meeting.

For a deeper breakdown of the tasks, a project plan is available, though this will need a significant amount of time allocated to setting it up and adding your own timelines.


Entry Opening & Closing Dates

The entries opening date should be the 1st December in the year before the event takes place.

First price rise date should be no earlier than the last Sunday in January. This is because it takes time for membership renewals to be processed.

The second price rise date should be approximately 1 month after the first. This may not be possible to fit in if it is an ‘early’ JK.

Closing date and final price rise for the Individual entries should be 3 weeks before the event and there is usually only one price and a closing date for the relays, this can be up to 2 weeks later than the individual closing date.

These periods of time are to allow for the time consuming and complex processes of seeding, start time allocation and bib printing to take place without being rushed.

Full details and guidance on managing the entries process is available in Event Systems.

Event Systems