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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
16 Nov 2014 SWOA KERNO Regional Craddock Moor - Forest League 3 Craddock Moor Results
16 Nov 2014 SOA BASOC Regional Scottish Score Championships Achlean Results
16 Nov 2014 SCOA BADO Regional BADO Level C and SCOA League Event Pamber Forest Results
16 Nov 2014 SEOA SAX Regional SAX District Event Hindleap Results
16 Nov 2014 EAOA SMOC Regional Holcote & Reynolds Wood Colour Coded Holcote & Reynolds Wood Results
16 Nov 2014 EMOA DVO Regional DVO Oakwood EM Urban League Oakwood Results
15 Nov 2014 WMOA POTOC Local POTOC Leisure and Training Event Downs Banks Results
15 Nov 2014 YHOA AIRE Regional YHOA Night League Adel Woods Results
15 Nov 2014 SCOA BADO Regional Southern Night Championships Silchester Common Results
15 Nov 2014 SOA MOR Local MOR Saturday & Schools League - Aldroughty Aldroughty Results
15 Nov 2014 SEOA SO Regional SO [level C] SOG A5 Cowdray Forest, between Balcombe & Crawley Cowdray Forest Results
15 Nov 2014 EMOA NOC Local NOC Night Event Rushcliffe Country Park Results
9 Nov 2014 EAOA HAVOC Regional HAVOC Langdon Hills Colour Coded Langdon Hills Results
9 Nov 2014 EMOA LEI Regional East Midland Urban League - Loughborough Loughborough University Results
9 Nov 2014 SWOA QO Local Quantock Orienteers Forest League 2 Aisholt Common and Cockercombe Results
9 Nov 2014 SOA CLYDE Regional Clyde SoSOL Croy Hill - including Scottish Student Individual Champioships Croy Hill Results
8 Nov 2014 SCOA SN National SN Trophy & SE League Mytchett Results
8 Nov 2014 NEOA NATO Regional North East Night Championships, Jesmond Dene Results
8 Nov 2014 NIOA LVO Regional Northern Ireland Colour Series 6 Tyrella Results
8 Nov 2014 EMOA NOC Local NOC Winter League Colwick Park Results
5 Nov 2014 NWOA LOC Local LOC WARLOC Night Sprint Kendal Results
2 Nov 2014 SCOA SOC National November Classic (UKOL) Kings Garn Gutter, New Forest Results
2 Nov 2014 YHOA SYO Regional YHOA Superleague Tankersley Results
2 Nov 2014 NEOA NN Local NN level D event, Cong Burn Cong Burn Results
2 Nov 2014 NWOA LOC Regional LOC Cumbrian Galoppen Tarn Hows Results