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Tinto Twin - Night Event, 27/10/2012

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Brown (length: 10km, climb: 215m, 18 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jegor KostylevFVOM198201:24:12
2Andrew LindsayAROSM199401:26:38
3Ross McLennanFVOM197801:27:47
4David RobertsonCLYDEM196401:32:40
5Simon GardnerCLYDEM198801:32:44
6Callum RobertsMAROCM199501:40:28
7Fraser PurvesFVOM197001:42:06
8Samuel HorsewillNOCM199301:42:43
9Patrick WalderCLYDEM197001:47:39
10Brian ArmstrongFERMOM198901:48:34
11Calum McLeodEUOCM199501:55:05
12John EmeleusKFOM196801:56:12
13Craig NolanESOCM199501:59:26
14Alastair DunlopCLYDEM197302:09:07
15JACK BAKEREUOCM199202:14:52
16Barry VeitchRRM197102:17:11
-Murray PedenECKOM199502:14:21
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