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GO District Event, 04/12/2011

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Light Green (length: 3.28km, climb: 70m, 12 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Christine RobinsonLOCF195600:32:37963
2Jonathan MageeSNM196400:35:16927
3Janet GibsonBKOF194000:43:30814
4John ColemanNGOCM193500:47:19761
5Naomi SmithSNF199400:49:02738
6Sebastian MortonGOM199500:50:45
7Andrew FisherMVM195500:54:56657
8Neil WattsSOM195700:55:56643
9Isobel SmithSNF199401:01:08572
10Roger KeelingDVOM194301:04:25526
11Diane FordLEIF194701:05:27512
12Deborah AddisonGOF197101:08:21
13Amaryllis CampbellSOF195601:16:14364
14Andrea GookBADOF196901:26:05229
15Selina StainesINDF197601:26:59
16Julie KeoughBADOF196601:28:04202
17Jan OxenhamSARUMF194901:33:14131
18BRIAN FRANCISSNM193701:36:3884
-David RobbinsGOM194400:34:51
-Margaret ThompsonTVOCF193700:58:42
-Jean VeleckySOCF192301:42:24
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