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CompassSport Cup Heat, 16/02/2014

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Junior Men (length: 5.1km, climb: 220m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
1,063.88 + (111.20 x (3,883.52 - T)) / 808.03
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Michael AdamsLOCM199600:38:251281
2Rowan CapperLOCM199600:42:561244
3Tom HodgsonCLOKM199600:43:331239
4Adam BartlettLOCM199700:43:391238
5Jake FieldHALOM199600:45:131225
6Ruaridh Mon-WilliamsAIREM199800:45:411221
7Nathan ParkerCLAROM199700:49:551186
8Timothy HunterLUOCM199600:50:241182
9Barnaby WarrenNNM199600:52:411163
10Noah HowlettBOFM199800:54:181150
11Alasdair PedleyAROSM199900:58:00
12Peter WhileCLAROM199700:58:261116
13John HunterCLOKM199900:58:27
14George TannerPFOM199901:01:27
15Tommy MatthewsAIREM199801:07:151043
16Sam AvisAIREM199601:07:471039
17Miles GilleardBOFM199801:07:561037
18Thomas AtheyNATOM199701:08:161035
19Tom HandslipCLAROM199801:14:03987
20Ben GuganCLAROM199701:26:15886
21Daniel HayesM199801:31:38
22Dominic SimmondsHALOM199902:20:25
-Jack CaineLOCM199901:14:41
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