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The Moray Mix Weekend Day 1 - incorporating bto SOUL5, 21/06/2014

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Badge 3 (M21L) (length: 4.5km, climb: 100m, 26 controls)

Other courses: Badge 1 (M21E) | Badge 2 (W21E) | Badge 4 (M35L,M40L,M20E,M18E) | Badge 5 (W21L,M21S) | Badge 6 (M35S,W35L,W20E,M40S,W40L,W18E) | Badge 7 (W21S,W20L) | Sprint

Point calculations
1,049.76 + (121.87 x (3,314.69 - T)) / 594.92
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Eddie HarwoodMORM195200:39:431241
2Sarah DunnMAROCF196800:42:401204
3Alex CampbellBASOCM195800:43:001200
4Paul BradburySYOM195700:43:311194
5Crawford LindsayESOCM195500:44:391180
6Carolyn McLeodGRAMPF196400:45:541165
7Kate CharlesWCOCF196900:47:511141
8Ted FinchFVOM195200:48:481129
9Eileen MaxwellRRF196300:48:591127
10Alan HallidayMORM195400:50:021114
11Louise LonghurstFVOF196400:52:091088
12Kenneth AndersonMORM195900:52:551078
13Tim EdenNORM195300:53:211073
14Peggy PurvesFVOF197200:53:511067
15Donald GrassieMORM195600:55:011053
16Elizabeth BarrMORF196700:55:231048
17Beccy OsbornFVOF197200:55:261047
18Denise MartinMORF196600:55:371045
19Colin MathesonFVOM195400:55:511042
20Paul FrostBASOCM195700:56:041040
21Lucy GallowayINTF196600:58:551005
22Judith BellESOCF196900:59:011003
23Caroline HornbyMORF196401:00:10989
24James RedgroveNO CLUBM000001:01:14
25Dawn GoddardFVOF196701:04:08941
26Peter CheethamRAFOM195801:06:09916
27Shona SpencerMORF196401:06:10916
28Jane CarcasINTF196601:06:11915
29Bridget KhursheedRRF196501:16:07793
30Debbie McWilliamMORF197301:20:00745
31Fiona JohnstonRRF196001:24:30690
32James MorrisonFVOM195501:24:32690
33Charlotte CheethamRAFOF196101:40:58488
34Aeryn SherwoodNO CLUBF000001:44:33
-Gary LonghurstFVOM195900:37:49
-Mike StewartINTM195800:41:56
-Jane HallidayMORF196000:44:03
-Paul FurnessMORM195400:49:42
-Lesley GomersallGRAMPF196200:53:18
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