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NOC Urban Event, 04/05/2015

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Course 1 (length: 7km, climb: 100m, 30 controls)

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Point calculations
1,184.06 + (126.99 x (3,286.65 - T)) / 630.67
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Leon FosterAIREM198300:41:241346
2Anthony SquireNOCM197700:45:331296
3Nicholas JarvisSOM199600:46:401282
4Brian WardHALOM196200:48:101264
5Andrew PowellDVOM198200:48:431257
6Philip VokesODM199600:50:221237
7Rob MoodyPOTOCM199000:51:171226
8Alan Le MoigneDVOM197500:51:291224
9Kwok Lin ChiuSHUOCM199200:53:041205
10Jack SmithAIREM199700:53:361198
11James BennettWCHM198600:55:161178
12Lee ScottSYOM196600:55:521171
13James MellorSYOM199700:56:191165
14Timothy HunterLUOCM199601:00:131118
15Mark ThomsonBOFM196501:01:071107
16Rowan LeeDRONGOM199701:01:131106
17Craig LucasLOGM199701:04:201069
18Luis PerdigaoHOCM197601:18:12901
19Gabriel MorenoNOCM198901:23:49833
20David Somers000001:26:08
21Nicholas Ingram000001:26:08
22Andrew SelbyDVOM197501:30:55747
23Yau Tung on000001:48:49
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